Notes on Building a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster (Part 3: Installing Kubernetes)

sudo snap install microk8s --channel=1.21/stable --classic
$ kubectl get nodes
strange Ready <none> 9d v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0
stark Ready <none> 19d v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0
murdock Ready <none> 15d v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0
vers Ready <none> 23h v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0
parker Ready <none> 9d v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0
banner Ready <none> 9d v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0
romanova Ready <none> 9d v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0
fury Ready <none> 19d v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0
coulson Ready <none> 11d v1.19.7-34+fa60fe11bf77d0



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Tim Burks

Tim Burks

Software developer in the SF Bay area. Electronic Design Automation, iOS apps, and now API tools for the world’s largest computer.